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Interested in another JP weekend?

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I'm down for another JP weekend, but I'm not going to be organizing it this time around. Last time there was a lot of people talking over each other, people not reading what I was saying and assuming the first set of dates were set in stone, and a lot of people that said they would show and didn't even pop in for a minute.


June 6th is our official anniversary as far as I can remember. Not that it has to be on that date, but it should be within maybe 2 weeks of it at the least.

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Nudge, would love to get in on this.

So would Vica, as far as I know, she even asked me to give her a heads up if there's anything. Two problems though: noone seems to be ready to organize it, which really wouldn't take too much time to be honest, but I personally work 12 hours a day even in the holiday season and I suppose so do a lot of others, and these events usually happen during the summer-ish, if ever.


That being said, I think a lot of us would be down, but not a lot of us can commit. Still, if it's not on a workday, I'll swing by if we have anything.

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