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life is game


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x ray u cant loose this game. u do wat u do in ur life and get points for that lol .)

basically its same when u compare ur things wat u have done in ur life with other peoples achievements


albeit a really, REALLY bad one.


do i get points for wrecking your points system?

if my points system sucks u can make ur own system its ur life u make the rules :p::)

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lol calculating points will be very hard then u need pen and paper every minute then haha u make ur life 100 times more difficult but if thats wat u want

i was rly thinking to get points when u do some importnant stuff in ur life. i did some examples before :s



So I can make my own points system where I can get points for breathing and keeping my eyes open? Cos I'm pro at that.

actually when u are awake for i dont know 24 hours with no sleep for sure u deserve points.

or drinking without sleep some days u get more points. thats hard thing to do :)

PS: my record is 100 hour withoutsleep drinking

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I'm just gonna stop wrecking this now and make my point here...


I could lead a life where I go through college and universities, get excellent grades and all the qualifications, awards, honours and all that stuff, make it in the business of whatever it is I want to do, become one of the best in the world at doing whatever that is, get married to a lovely woman, have some kids who have grandkids, all of them fantastic, die at a ripe old age a happy man who knows he couldn't have done better. And say I get 2000 points for all of that...


Or I could lead a life where I never went to school, college, uni or any of that, I go around mugging people to make a living, and spend most of that money on drugs, whores, alcohol, cigarettes and leading a generally shit life. The most I will ever become is a supermarket trolley pusher, and I'll get fired from that job for coming in stoned and drunk. I'll have sex with countless amount of women who are also total fuck ups, and I'll get someone pregnant at the age of 19, we'll decide to abort the child because neither of us are ready for that, or will ever be. I die at the age of 25 because of drug and alcohol abuse, and have regretted everything I have ever done in my life. I get 2000 points for all of that.


Now sorry, I know which person I would rather be (the first one -.-). But there are plenty of people out there who would much rather be the second person instead... My point here is it's IMPOSSIBLE to put life on a points system, because everyone perspective's on how life should be lead are completely different... And you can't make your own points system because you can't really compete with anyone...


At the end of the day, when you reach the end of your life and you think "I've lead a good enough life, I did enough to be happy with what I had." then you have won life. If you think "Wow my life was absolute shit... What on earth was I thinking?!" then you have lost at life.


Life is not a game. It's life.

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ur absoluterly right theo good answer.

most importnant thing is u are happy with ur life and so on.

but i have feeling this second person which u dont want to be can get more points lol :D

at the end of life it matters what have u done not thinking when u are old damn it i wanted to do this or that i recret it i didnt do that i wana go back time

live life at fullest rock and roll. yeehaa and u will win the game or do things wat u named in person 1 who you are. ( right choice) :D.and u will win the gamealso. game with urself.. competing is impossible like u said.

but when u are competing with other person which is i dont even know word for it, hard impossible wierd. then it just depends on details on daily life

for example little details new haircut new hair colour 10 points coming je .)

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I agree with Theos.

I don't think that you should count any points for things you did in your life. Life is not a game, it's life! Just what Theos said.

You shouldn't do things in life because you want to get points for it, no, you do it because you want to do it and this is what makes you happy. You had a fulfilled life if you are happy and proud of what you've done in your life and not if you have as many points as you can get for some crazy things you did...

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Ok, first of all:



And second:



That is all.

If you really just took a picture of your monitor I am severely disappointed.

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