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Favourite Movies?


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I am having a movie withdrawal. I need some new ones, so post your favourite movies ! Doesn't really matter the genre just movies you personally enjoyed. Please be serious about it though :p. Thanks!





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Here's some romantic movies that I thought were awesome; not Hollywood-like "quirky" and "funny" romantic comedies that are complete and utter celebrity-infested shit-parades, but rather something that will keep you watching it. I found these to be utterly amazing, even though I hate the genre in general:


Punch Drunk Love - Adam Sandler as a depressed loner falling in love with someone; but this time you actually believe it. Probably the best of the bunch.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Jim Carrey hiring people to delete his memories about his ex-girlfriend, and living through the events with her backwards in time, realizing that he'd rather keep those memories but now can't do anything about it. One of my actual favourite movies, definitely unlike anything you've seen before or will see in the future.


The Classic (Kureulsik... Kreulisik... whatever some korean title is the original) - romantic movie, period. But this time it's very good and also emotional, and believable.


[500] Days of Summer - This ones so much fun, it has the up- and downsides of a relationship, all shown through dreamlike pictures so that you'll actually feel for the characters and get immersed with it.


Audition - Yeah... it's one of the most disturbing horror movies I've seen (actually, almost turned it off) but it's also one of the best metaphors of the ultimate fear of a relationship. Vaguely romantic, but if you watch it from that point of view, it proably doubles the value of the movie.


Thar, some romantic movies that are actually good. Thought I'd highlight it since not too many people would recommend anything from the genre, but if you really want to watch something good from it, start with these.

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and then.......Aero shows up...



but I'm off topic.....Game of Thrones is probably the greatest TV show ever made (unless your one of those Friends lackeys). For movies, I'd say Pulp Fiction, Resident Evil (cause that chick is fucking badass) and League of Extrordinary Men.

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