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Weve had these topics many a time, however for those new to clan etc and havent seen them. Ill edit this list to include JPs members in this post so we can keep track of a list.


JP Gamertags:

Vizionix (KFalcon)

I SonicPants I (they are i's, SonicPants obvi...)

xI OdIum Ix (Odium)

LethalKillaz2 (GiantYoda)

SourNotHardcore (Psyche)

DeathsAudit (DA)

SierraEx (Exo)

Chioba (Reptar)

RenegadeToast (Gibbs)

CaptianBunny (Smity)

ZombieRasputin (Gothic)

TheosSairin21 (Theos)




Sharpxe (Sharp)

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