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So it's come to my attention recently that a bunch of us have Steam but alas, we are not friends on it. Lets all post our Steam ID's and such and let the gaming commence!


My Steam ID is n33dle -ll-



Added in the list as per other topics of this kind. ~ Tea


JP Members:

Shifty - n33dle -ll-

SonicPants - halopow101

KnightFire - knightfiyah

D4Rk3lEmEnT - sh4d0wstr1k3

Psyche - SourNotHardcore

Nikos - neo381990

GiantYoda - Lethalkillaz

Voltron - Corrupt69er

Kookeh - JP_Kookeh

TMJ - SoSTMJ (CoD games) *Main Acc*

.........TMJZeus01 (Other)

.........MahogonyChair (MW2) - Make up yer mind! ~Tea

Methos - VishousBlade (MW2)

Friedmetroid - friedmetroid

Solitaire - _Seventh

Vaan - mbtroy



Sharp - 1haste1

Pulp - PulpFiction7899

Cmdr.Zap - Harry_Cat

Edge/Carl/Clare - Edge3233

Secret_Time - [eRP]Vucichomp

Greed - greed42

Master Chief - Element312

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But I usually don't play that many multiplayer games. Still, if anyone plays Empire, Rome, or Napoleon Total War (I have Medieval 2, but not on Steam), Civ 5, or COH I'd certainty be game for a match sometime.


Edit: oh, I have Lead and Gold too, but it only works on my computer in CO, so I can't play that till December.

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Feel free to add me, I have Alien Swarm, Dead Rising 2, Garry's Mod, GTA IV, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, and Team Fortress 2.


If you like playing expert, realism or not, I'm your guy =) I'm almost always doing an expert campaign with some of my friends.

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