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A JP T-Shirt


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Check it out. For those that don't know, shirt.woot is a website that has a new shirt design daily. It's kind of like an SOTW, except for t-shirt designs. People enter, and the top three get chosen. This week's topic was "Reinterpreting Famous Art Titles." Someone entered a design with a phoenix on it, for the painting "The Discovery of Fire.


Just reminded me of this clan, though I'd share. It's only 10 dollars no shipping to anywhere in the US. International shipping is 5 dollars. They'll be putting up a new T-Shirt tomorrow at 10 PM PST, but you can still buy it later in case your size/it sells out by then for 15 dollars no shipping or 5 dollars international shipping.


Edit: Also, what woot.com is. Woot is a daily sail kind of thing. Everyday they have a new t-shirt for sale, several discounted products (got my Razer Lycosa for 50% off), and some wine or kids related item. Check it out!

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